Oh Charlie (Oh Karol)

Director: Piotr Weresniak, Writers: Ilona Lepkowska & Piotr Weresniak, Producers: MTL MAXFILM, Language: Poland, Country of Origin: Poland 3×30′, 2023, Rights: World except for Poland

Karol played by Piotr Adamczyk (The Name of the Rose, Karol: A Man Who Became Pope) has everything. A few mistresses in addition to his wife. This charming ladies’ man can not get enough love but finally, he has bitten off more than he can chew.

Karol’s life seems charmed he enjoys professional success, a comfortable life and success
with women – isn’t this many a man’s ultimate dream? However, suddenly the situation gets out of control.

When the four women, who Karol is having simultaneous affairs with, find out about his betrayal, he is getting into trouble. The situation seems to be hopeless –  Karol is reluctant to give up any of his relationships! However, the ideal solution to this dire situation is trivially simple. All of Karol’s women simply move into his house! But what happens to our protagonist’s life when the women take control?

It’s the story of a man who faces women’s revenge or perhaps the desire to make amends, simplify his life and make his dreams come true? Bringing him to the edge of a nervous breakdown.

Oh Charlie, is one of Poland’s biggest cinema and TV hits. The premiere of the first version of the film, based on Ilona Łepkowska’s script was screened back in 1985, in the realities of the late communist era in Poland. 26 years later, audiences again flocked to cinemas to watch the modern version of the story of Karol, a man whose charms no woman can resist. In 2011, the “Och, Karol 2” comedy was seen in Polish cinemas by more than 1.7 million people. And the series version of Oh Charlie was released in 2023.