Organized Crime Unit (Expozitura)

Directors: Petr Kotek and Ivan Pokorný, Writers: Josef Klíma & Janek Kroupa  Production: TV Nova, Language: Czech, Czech Republic, 2012, S01 16×75′ S02 18 x75′, Rights: World excluding CME countries. 

A thriller about organised crime spreading into high levels of the police and state administration structure. Based on a true story.

An elite police squad, set up to expose the highest levels of the organised crime and to fight the mafia, changes sides. Form their own criminal gang, and take control of the most powerful gangsters and syndicates in the country, protecting their business and profits.

But their reign is threatened by a young ambitious undercover police duo Tereza (Hana Vagnerová) and Ota (Jan Dolanský). Together they face a dramatic struggle for survival when the super gang seek their extermination. Their superiors are imprisoned. The leaders of the police super-gang are facing a trial, while the highest-ranking members continue to work undetected within the police and state.

What was originally a work-based relationship has become a love story.

Their superiors are imprisoned, the leaders of the police super gang are facing trials, but there is still a suspicion, that the highest ones haven’t been exposed yet and maybe they work high in the police structure, or maybe not only in the police.

Each episode is a separate case however there is an overarching storyline. The series is told from the police detective Tereza’s perspective as she escapes her ex-colleagues, intelligence service, elite police and gang members.

Organized Crime Unit is the most expensive Czech TV series of all times.


TyTy Award Best Fiction TV Serie 2011