Over La Nuit (24/7)

Director: Julien Meynet, Original idea: Viviane Zingg and Philippe Mari, Writers: Viviane Zingg and Christiane Claudette, Denis Parent, Arnaud Pitois,
Alice Voisin, Producer: Paul Rognoni, co-production between Mareterraniu and France 3 Corse Via Stella, Country: France, Language: French, S01 20×20′ S02 20×20′, 2018-2021, Rights: World 

24/7 follows the tribulations of a Parisian couple riddled with debt (following the embezzlement of an unscrupulous brother and brother-in-law). Anxious to protect their son Armand, an 18-year-old autistic Asperger who is finishing school, Isabelle and Bruno respond to a classified ad for the management of a gas station in Corsica. This is how the little family arrives in Francrado, a village lost in a deep valley. The gas station is in disrepair and the couple, discouraged, are ready to turn back. But Armand encourages them to stay and try their luck year after year.

During Série Series 2018 The creators were interviewed this is a summary of what they said:

“A “Baghdad café” in Corsica Paul Rognoni would like to point out that 24/7 is not a Corsican series, it is a series made in Corsica”. Corsica is certainly an important element, even a character, but the series wants above all to be open to the world. The plot takes place in a sort of improbable “Baghdad café” which gives it a universal dimension. Viviane Zingg, creator of the series with Philippe Mari, indicates that originally, the location where the story took place had not been clearly defined. They had imagined the story of a couple responsible for managing a gas station lost in the middle of nowhere.

“The plot could just as easily be located in Corsica as elsewhere.” The series was also partly designed for export. The village of Francrado resembles all the isolated villages in the world. It is true that when reading the pitch, we imagine that the main subject of the series is the sometimes difficult relationships between Corsicans and Parisians. Nothing could be further from the truth. 24/7 avoids all the stereotypes that such a story could have conveyed. When filming in Corsica, one may be tempted to play on the eternal clichés (“Corsican hospitality”, the beauty of the natural settings, etc.) which continue to stick to the skin of the Isle of Beauty. The series is not based on the divisions, particularly cultural, between Corsicans and Parisians, but on the contrary on what unites them.”


Aurélien Gabrielli as Armand Castan
Marie Broche (Un village français) as Isabelle Castan
Jean Emmanuel Pagni as Bruno Castan
Axelle Bossard as Corinne Cesari
Cedric Appietto (22 Bullets) as Antoine Renucci
Anaïs Lechiara as Nadia Sioufi

Original music composed and performed by
Amaury Chabauty
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