Over La Nuit (24/7)

Director: Julien Meynet, Original idea: Viviane Zingg and Philippe Mari, Writers: Viviane Zingg and Christiane Claudette, Denis Parent, Arnaud Pitois,
Alice Voisin, Producer: Paul Rognoni, co-production between Mareterraniu and France 3 Corse Via Stella, Country: France, Language: French, S01 20×20′ S02 20×20′, 2021, Rights: World 

Armand is an 18-year-old who has autism and Asperger’s with a fascination for the stars spending his days at the planetarium in Paris. He lives with his parents Isabelle and Bruno in Paris. However falling on hard times, pilling up huge debts and going bankrupt, they decide to move to Corsica a French island in the Mediterranean. They plan to manage a local gas station, hoping for a fresh start. So they pack up everything they own and hop on a minibus. Looking forward to the sun, they end up in a small village in the mountains called Francardo, which is nothing like they imagined, it’s cold and windy with the warmth they dreamed of nowhere to be found. What makes matters worse is the gas station is old and falling apart and the fantastic staff they were promised consists of a moody mechanic called Antoine and his ex-wife Corinne. Isabelle and Bruno start to wonder if this was a good idea and consider returning to the lives they left behind in Paris. To their surprise, Armand falls in love with the dark sky full of stars nothing like the planetarium he used to stare at. Armand has finally found a place where he is at peace. That’s enough for Isabelle and Bruno to choose to stay and begin their lives again.


Aurélien Gabrielli as Armand Castan
Marie Broche (Un village français) as Isabelle Castan
Jean Emmanuel Pagni as Bruno Castan
Axelle Bossard as Corinne Cesari
Cedric Appietto (22 Bullets) as Antoine Renucci
Anaïs Lechiara as Nadia Sioufi

Original music composed and performed by
Amaury Chabauty
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