PACHAMAMA – A Manifesto for Mother Earth

Director and Writer: Thomas Torelli, Production: Blum Lab, Ivan Nossa, Un Altro Mondo  Language: English, French, Italian, Italy, 2016, 57′, Rights: World

A documentary film by Thomas Torelli, based on unused footage for Another World. This documentary was made to support Alberto Ruz Buenfil‘s campaign to create a Charter for the Rights of Mother Earth.

With interviews with experts and members of Native American tribes, Pachamama explores the theme of the balance between human existence and that of the Earth.


Pachamama. It is a mythological figure, revered by the Inca peoples and other cultures that inhabit the Andes region. She personifies Mother Earth, the generating and conserving force of natural balance.

His cult is therefore linked to respect for the Earth’s biorhythm, respect for natural resources and living creatures and a way of life linked to the cycles dictated by Mother Earth herself. It is not surprising that the cult of Pachamama is little known in Western society and that, unfortunately, even in its native lands it has reduced considerably.

In this documentary, we rediscover the values ​​linked not only to the cult of Pachamama, but to all Native American cultures that make the search for harmony with Nature their main purpose.


The participants in this documentary, which we have already met in Another World, come from the most disparate backgrounds. University researchers, indigenous culture scholars, tribal shamans and even physicists make their contributions to the film.

But despite their differences, they all share one awareness: that it is necessary to restore our bond with Mother Earth if we are to stop destroying ourselves. In fact, the criticism of the interviewees of contemporary society, where we live virtual existences spent thinking about non-existent fetishes, rather than living in the present, is unanimous.

A critique of that same society that has placed man at the center of the universe, elevating his lowest instincts to merits. To this unsustainable model, based on human arrogance and which inevitably leads to unhappiness, Pachamama proposes the Native American alternative.


The examples that are given are many. From the code of honour and respect that marked the life of humans in these cultures, to the rejection of the frenetic and inhuman rhythms of modern living.

But above all, the rejection of anthropocentrism, which is seen as a distorted perception of reality. To which a relationship of mutuality with Nature is firmly opposed, where humanity is part of a whole and not a lonely and sad master.

Pachamama brings practical examples of how contemporary Western society needs healing, not only physical but also internal. And the solution that is proposed is the same that is now becoming evident from many sides: finding our place in a larger ecosystem, reuniting with the figure of Pachamama, Mother Earth.

“When the blood in your veins returns to the sea, and the earth in your bones returns to the ground, perhaps then you will remember that this land does not belong to you, it is you who belongs to this land.”

Native American Quote


Coyote Alberto Ruz Buenfil, Enzo Braschi, Antonio Giacchetti, Vittorio Marchi, Don Luis Nah, Westin Luke Penuma , Igor Sibaldi