Paradox (პარადოქსი/Paradoxi)

S01: Director: Jaba Melkadze, Producer: Bera Ivanishvili, Copyright: GDS TV, Produced by: GDS Productions, Georgia-Ukraine, 2014, 5×40-46′, Rights: World
S02: Director: Levan Bakhia, Copyright: GDS TV Produced by: Sarke Studio, Georgia-Ukraine, 2017, 13×40-46′, Rights: World

Paradox is the first Georgian-Ukrainian co-production, it was broadcast on GDS TV. It is a visceral, post-apocalyptic horror series in two seasons. A Georgian ‘The Rain’ with Zombies.  Present-day Georgia, the capital of Tbilisi is in an apocalyptic state, where a mysterious virus is spread by humans, spreading rapidly and turning the population into bloodthirsty zombies.

Season 1:
We follow two survivors, the beautiful young mother Elene (Nana Katalozishvili’)
who is looking for her young daughter and Guga (Tornike Gogrichiani) a bearded hipster, they miraculously survive the onslaught of the mysterious zombie/virus that seems to emanate from a weird monster/alien that we only catch a glimpse of.
They are rescued by police forces and taken to a high-security police headquarters.  The zombies catch up and they are the only survivors after a bloody massacre that kill most of the police force. The hunt for Elena’s daughter can continue but on their way searching for survivors, they will get in trouble. Actress Nana says about the role “Elene is an interesting character, in this nightmare, she loses her asthmatic son and she doesn’t give up the search. She’s a strong woman.”

Season 2:
Young researcher Irakli (Rati Tsiteladze), who studies the phenomenon of death, has a family tragedy. After a suicide attempt and a five-month coma, he wakes up in a vicious apocalypse. Before searching and trying to save his wife, the atheist scientist has to understand the paradoxical situation.