Pedal and Learn (Apedala e Impara)

Director/Creator: Alberto Masa, Production: Sky Survey System, Commissioned by: Eja TV, language: Sardo, Italy, 2021, 12 x 30′, Rights: World
 Amos Cardia, an expert cyclist and connoisseur of the Sardinian language, accompanies us on his bike along the Sardinian landscape of great natural beauty, we discover places rich in history and meet local people along the bike route. Amos chats to them and to the spectators in Sardo, the ancient Sardinian language a remarkably rich language, Sardo varies greatly from area to area, even from village to village, with Latin, Arabic, Spanish and Catalan influences reflecting the turbulence of the island’s past.
The docuseries is a celebration of cycling in beautiful Sardinia. Amos has over twenty-year experience in mountain biking, he guides sports tourists on hikes also showing them the beauty of the landscape, and in this series, viewers can come along without getting a sore bottom.
Amos interacts with the spectators giving his take on the landscape and on the types of routes, the presence of shade or sun based on the time of year, or sources of water. Each route consists of several stages with local points of interest, addressing issues such as archaeology, history, economy, gastronomy, and mountain biking sharing.
Thanks to the use of action cameras positioned at various points of the bike, the use of the drones will show enchanting natural and cultural landscapes, to the use of two cameras on the ground and to dynamic editing, the viewer will feel like they are transported to a mountain bike adventure in  Sardinia.
Available as readymade and a format.