Director/Writer: Kana Matsumoto, Production: WOWOW, Country: Japan, Language: Japanese, 6×25′, 2021, Rights: Upon Request

A WOWOW original drama, Pension Metsä (Metsä meaning forest in Finnish)revolves around a guest house set deep in the Nagano larch forest and the interactions between Tenko and her guests unravel throughout each episode.

Tenko played by Satomi Kobayashi (Kamome Shokudo, Megane), lives alone a simple back to nature life in a serene forest, in each episode she receives a different guest.

The occasional guest who wanders into the house are usually solo travellers, some are old friends and lovers who visit, and people who find themselves lost, young and old, and they enact a mostly two-hander show with Kobayashi. One of the guests Yamame is played by Toko Miura who is in the Oscar-winning feature “Ride My Car“.

It is about people at turning points in their life that with the help of their host’s wit and wisdom are able to come around a corner.

Tenko also comes to know herself better after interacting with her guests and what she wants to do with her life.

The series weaves a heartfelt story that questions what is important in life.


Satomi Kobayashi

Koji Yakusho

Shizuka Ishibashi


Yuka Itaya

Takashi Yamanaka

Ken Mitsuishi

Toko Miura

Masako Motai

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