PR Public Relations (Rrpp Relaciones Públicas)

Directors: Marcia Paraiso, Claudio Rosa and Pablo Brusa, Copyright: Jaque Content, Prisma Cine, Storylab, Plural Films, Bonaparte Cine, worldwide distribution: Glowstar, Argentina/Brazil, 13×44’ / 4 & 8K, 2019, Rights: Selected territories 

This ambitious Argentine-Brazilian Public Relations also known as Submersos is a coproduction with a high dose of action, tells the story of Gabriel  Fontan, a public relations professional who plans an event to promote the brand of his great friend, the former surfer and multiple world champion Nando Oliveira. What Gabriel does not know is that the event is an excuse to smuggle ecstasy pills from Brazil to Argentina. Gabriel is intercepted by a stranger, who after threatening to reopen a court case, forces him to pass sensitive information about Nando. Being aware of his friend’s businesses and having no other option, he decides to accept. Everything gets complicated when they arrive in Argentina where they will bump into corrupt police officers, DEA agents, local intelligence services and Brazilian hitmen. Each of them wants to take advantage and Nando and Gabriel’s lives are in danger. They will both do what it takes to survive and the truth will be revealed and change their lives forever.

About the creators:

Nacho Viale and Diego Palacio’s StoryLab, producers of the Netflix-acquired TV series “Estocolmo” and co-producers of Intl. Emmy nominated “La Casa del Mar,” is teaming with Paola Suarez’s Jaque Productions, Antonio Pita’s  Prisma Cine, Plural Filmes and  Bonaparte Cine also Cordoba based.  Financed by INCAA Film Institute for international TV co-productions