Puntu Koma

Director: Maru Solores, Writer: Maialen Sorzabalbere and Amaia Rojo, Exec. Producer: Izaskun Arandia, Jokin Etcheverria, Diego Urruchi and Elbio Nielsen, Production Company: Izar films, Média Attack, JOK films, Copyright: Next Station, Commissioned by: EiTB, Basque Country Spain, 2019, 6×10′, Rights: World excl. Basque Country and Navarre

Puntu Koma the title is a play on words in Basque the literal translation is a semicolon. Koldo (Mikel Ibarguren) is in a coma and when his mother and friends come together by his bedside at the hospital, they discover that he had many secrets. There is a meeting of incompatible people who will have to learn how to get along with each other in an unusual situation. It shows how we should accept each other despite our differences such as age, race, disability and sexual orientation, in our diversity.

Arrate (Iñake Irastorza) is the traditional mother of Koldo and when she arrives at the hospital and discover  Koldo in a coma. She doesn’t know what happened to him. Arrate meets Galder, Koldo’s roommate, they find a tattoo on Koldo’s wrist.

Gorka, a young man with Down’s syndrome, arrives at the hospital and catches Galder by surprise whilst he is kissing Koldo. So Arrate finds out her son is gay.

Fatima, a Muslim friend of Koldo, visit him, and  Arrates racism creates tension.  Galder finds some keys in Koldo’s jacket and starts to suspect his boyfriend is harbouring secrets. All the visitors have to coexist in the same room and the doctor is watching them through hidden cameras in the room. Juan, Koldo’s estranged father, arrives at the hospital. Secrets are revealed one after the other and things are not what the seem.

Cast: Iñake Irastorza, Mikel Ibarguren, Iñigo Gastesi, Sara Cozar, Enrike Amilibia, Fariba Sheikhan and Iñaki Beraetxe.