Recurrence (Återseenden)

Director: Ruben Levi, Producer: Anders Wilhelmsson, Produced by: Menado, Language: English/Swedish, 2022, 9′, Rights: World 

Helen has immigrated to Sweden with her teenage daughter and is struggling with everyday life. One day she gets a visit from Isaak who claims to work for the resistance in her home country and who has news from her sister. Helen calls Isak’s bluff and he admits that he is in fact working for the regime. He in turn reveals Helen’s secret and she must face her violent past.


Anna Sise (Thin Blue Line)
Richard Sseruwagi (Successful Thawing of Mr. Moro)
Omeya Simbizi

About the director

Ruben Levi by Patricia Reyes
Ruben Levi started out making fan films with friends, he then moved to New York City in 2010 and directed short documentaries and music videos. He joined a writer’s group of screenwriters in 2014. When back in Stockholm he has written two short films through the writer’s group;  “Culture Politics, a Chamber Play” and the second, the dystopian short “The Process”(Processen).



Uppsala Short Film Festival in Official Selection 2022