Resilience (Resilienza)

Directed by: Paolo Ruffini, Andrea Cavallini, and Antonio Cavallini, Production: Nido del Cuculo, Non C’è Problema, Sui Passi di Ale, 71′ film, 2017,  Rights: World

The definition of Resilience is the ability to react with a positive attitude to traumatic events, and adjust when faced with adversity. The documentary Resilience by Paolo Ruffini, an Italian actor, and presenter, is based on the inspirational story of Alessandro Cavallini, who died at the age of 14 from a very aggressive type of Neuroblastoma cancer.
The story of Alessandro’s life is at the core of this funny and moving film, even as it addresses extremely difficult topics; a child dying from cancer, a young man Sammy Basso living with Progeria, a stroke survivor. The documentary shows how Alessandro’s courage and joy even while facing a lethal disease survived, through interviews with doctors, various health professionals and Alessandro’s friends.
Featuring interviews with everyday heroes, Olga Stepanova a mother who lost her young child, Sammy Basso who has an extremely rare disease that accelerates premature aging, Bruno Arena a stroke survivor and comedian, they all live with a serious disease or with the consequences of it.
Alessandro faced this journey without unprepared. This is what allowed him to defy the doctors’ forecast. Alexander has replaced the disease with enthusiasm, he ridicules it with his imagination. “Because if in life you do not have fun is a sin. Because laughing is really good for your health. Because life can be fierce, but also fiercely funny. Because the battle is not between life and death, but between really living or not living at all.
The intensity of existence is the true success of life itself. Alessandro was a winner, and he left us a great gift, his talent: resilience.”