Río Atrevido (Daring River)

Director: Clarisa Navas, Written by: María Alche, Clarisa Navas and Pablo Waldman, Executive Producer: María Laura Buslemen, Produced by: Yaguá Pirú Cine, Copyright: Jaque Content, Argentina, Language: Spanish, 2020, 8×26′, Rights: Selected territories

Itatí (Laura Virgile) lives with her husband and two children in a town surrounded by a river. Their cosy existence is abruptly changed when she begins to feel a wild impulse that leads her to make nightly escapes.
Itatí experiences an animal transformation that nobody around her understands.

She must decide whether to continue accepting societal rules or to transform herself indefinitely.

Based on a native tale this is a mystery with magical realism and a dollop of horror.


Laura Virgile; Arturo Fabiani; Victoria Saiach; Mauro Virgile Zamudio; María Balbi; Horacio Fernández; Irina Tognola, Gladis Gómez, Idalia Sandobal, Carolina García, Luciana Repetto, Leo Espíndola.