Rome: Coup Capital (Roma Golpe Capitale)

Director: Francesco Cordio,  Copyright holder/Produced by: Own Air, Italy, 2018, 109′, Rights: World 

A documentary exploring the reasons behind the forced resignation and the charges of alleged embezzlement and fraud of the ex-mayor of Rome Ignazio Marino.

“In order to kick me out, they would have put cocaine in my pocket ”
Ignazio Marino

Rome, 30 October 2015, the mayor Ignazio Marino, is forced to resign by the councillors of his own party, the Democratic party (PD) who resign en masse with a private act before a notary. After a row over tens of thousands of euros in expenses which he allegedly charged to the city, an accusation he has after the making of the film been acquitted off by the supreme court.
What were the reasons for such a severe act? What is Marino disputing? No satisfactory answers have been given so far.

The 19 councilors of the Democratic Party to the end refuse to challenge their Mayor with the transparency of a vote in the council chamber, thus preventing any debate on the real reasons for their decision, preventing voters from being informed about the causes of their protest , betraying the same principles of democracy that are intended to defend. Rome: Coup Capital exposes, without censorship, the hostility that the mayor Marino was experiencing, the power relations, the pressure of influencers behind the scenes. The film traces the events that led to the “broken dream” of a new season of the government of Rome, revealing some previously unpublished back story.

Marino was the one that revealed the Mafia Capitale scandal involving corruption in public sector contracts – which did not implicate Marino personally – and resulted in the arrests of dozens of city officials.

A story that has fascinated media from all over the world. The world’s eyes are on the Eternal Capital.