Santa Lucia

Director: Constanza Majluf, Writer: Pablo Simonetti, Producers: Felipe Azúa, Josalynn Smith, Production Company: Avispa Cine, Language: Spanish, Chile, 2019, 10′, Rights: World 

While Sebastián played by Diego Ruiz lives a normal life with his wife and kid his desires pulls him away from it to a mysterious and dark hill.

Sebastián smokes and looks at the Santa Lucía hill from the balcony of his apartment. It’s a cold night, a meeting of glances, the feeling of “being somewhere else”. The laughter of his daughter inside the apartment brings him back to reality.

Sebastian lives and shares his life with his wife Camila (Camila Hirane) and his four-year-old daughter Adela. One night, Sebastian has a strange urge to go to the hill. Although his wife questions him, he still decides to go out, facing a nature that is beyond his own knowledge.


2019 AMOR LGBTQ Festival

2020 Latino Film Market


Sebastian: Diego Ruiz
Camila: Camila Hirane
Adela: Adela Majluf
Claudio: Juan Pablo Miranda
Cerro men: Ricardo Majluf, Carlo Urra, Felipe Azúa