Seariver Fishing Experience

Directors: Yadai Bravo Jorge, Production: Yadai Bravo Jorge, Country: Spain, Language: Spanish, 9×25”, 2022-2023, Rights: World excluding Spain

A series of fishing documentaries from Seariver Fishing Experience in 5 seasons shot in different beautiful locations such as Maldives, Mexico and Seychelles.

RED SEA 2×25’, 2023
We traveled from Spain with a group of fishing enthusiasts from the coast after the famous giant trevallys. We enter the country of Saudi Arabia for adventurers, crossing the Jeddah desert to reach the spots located in search of our fish.
A logistics in the middle of nowhere, a base camp and some crazy fishermen who only look for their trophy by fishing in the water right at the cut of the reef where they could be dragged by the force of these fish.
They have 5 days of very tough conditions and many hours in the water casting with heavy equipment looking to lift some giant trevallys.
An expedition like no other in a place without communication, far from the hand of God, just them and nature.

OMAN 2×25’, 2023
Welcome to the south of the Arab Emirates on an expedition bathed in the Arabian Sea in search of the famous yellowfin tunas.
An incredible place that every year the tuna fever brings fishermen from all over the world to this location to catch these incredible specimens that swim on their migration near Hallaniyat Island. An idyllic place for fishing for yellowfin tuna and Indian trevally.
An adventure crossing the roads of Oman until we reach Swaadimiyah, an almost ghost town with very few houses, will be our base site for each marathon day outing until sunset.

SEYCHELLES 2×25’, 2023
The West African archipelago bathed by the Indian Ocean makes the islands a paradise for jigging fishing, housing incredible fish such as dogtooth tuna, Amberjacks and endless coral fish.
Entering the DROPOFF of the coral, immersed in some exciting days of jigging, removing diversities of fish in any scenario.
An adventure like no other in this exotic and remote place in the middle of the Indian Ocean.
Join us on this expedition once again plowing through the reefs and exploring new places for fishermen.
On this occasion we achieved the trophy of any tropical fisherman by capturing a 50kg dogtooth tuna, quite an achievement for any tropical fisherman.

MALDIVES  1×25’ 2022
The narration of Dani Aramburu, a tropical water fisherman recognized in Spain, delves into the wonderful Maldives bathed in turquoise waters and coral bottoms.
A documentary based on his experiences where this species collector manages to show us different species of these funds in a gripping narrative and heart-stopping bites. Where countless lures are snatched from unexplored depths. Heart-stopping races, species of incredible sizes are what await you in this incredible destination in the Indian Ocean.
We crossed the entire Laamu Atoll after the most exotic species, managing to catch a record-breaking fish of the coral trout species. Among many other coral species.
An adventure that will not leave you indifferent on this exciting trip to the deepest southern part of the Maldives.