Secrets of the Vatican (Tajemnice Watykanu)

Directors: Paweł Pitera, Krzysztof Talczewsk Production: TVP, Country: Poland, Language: Polish, 14 x 26’, 2006, Rights: US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, Scandinavia, Turkey and MENA. 

The largest production made in the area of the Vatican. The authors entered places previously unavailable for film crews. The former personal photographer of John Paul II called Arturo Mari played the key role in making of this series. In fact, he is the chief consultant and patron of the whole project. His position combined with the extensive knowledge and experience he gained throughout his 50 years of work in the Vatican is priceless to filmmakers. The authors cooperated with the most renowned Vatican personalities. Together they show various aspects of the Vatican and papacy, including its history, buildings, libraries, ceremonies and many others.