Autodefensa (Self-Defence)

Director: M.A. Blanca, Producers: Bernat Manzano, Montse Pujol, M. A. Blanca, Production company: Boogaloofilms and Filmin, Country: Spain, Language: Spanish,  10×15′, 2022, Territories: World (No Spain, Portugal, France, Greece, Cyprus and Italy)
Autodefensa (Self-defence) is a semi-autobiographical series about two young women in Barcelona living a wild and care-free life while also struggling with the conflicts and frustrations faced by Gen Z.
Berta and Belén are two friends in their twenties with a lot of cheek and extreme emotions.  They have a great time together without having to ask anyone’s permission, and wanting to step on all the emotional red lines possible to discover who you really are.
It is about the adventures of two shameless young women who don’t accept to be told how to behave, and they create their own world where they are queens.
In reality Self-defense is about two girls who are very scared and who have fun in self-defense. They say they are sorry, that everything was in self-defense, it’s just that they were very afraid.

Berta Prieto as herself

Belén Barenys as herself

“An acerbic and provocative series, in which creators Berta Prieto and Belén Barenys play their own life excessively. Self-Defense reinvents the serial narrative and form to paint an uncompromising portrait of a lost generation: the Gen Z. The heir of Girls is Spanish!”

Series Mania

“Autodefensa” is a documentary-like work about two friends in their 20s described as a mash of Lena Dunham’s “Girls,” Larry Clark’s “Kids” and the works of Lars von Trier.

Ed Meza(Variety)



Best Series – Series Mania Short Form Competition

Grand Prix du Jury – Marseille Web Fest

Jury Award Best Series SerienCamp

Best Script – Marseille Web Fest

Top 10 Best Series of the Year – El País, El Periódico. Cadena Ser


Best Screenplay – Premios Feroz

Best  Comedy – Premios Feroz


Festival Series Mania – Short Form Competition (Lille – France)

SerienCamp – Short Form Competition (Munich – Germany)

Sevilla European Film Festival – World Premiere

Marseille Web Fest – International selection(Marseille – France)

Reeperbahn Festival (Hamburg – Germany)

L’Alternativa Festival de Cinema Independent de Barcelona

Festivalito 2023 (La Palma – Spain)