Shelter (Habitar)

Director: Anxos Fazáns, Executive Producer: Anxos Fazáns and Silvia Fuentes, Produced by: Sétima, Language: Galician, 2023, 15′, Rights: World 

A documentary from Galicia, around identity asking the question what is home?

Can a body become a shelter?

This film tries to answer these questions about the construction of our identities through the intimate portraits of transgender and non-binary people from Galicia.


About the director

Anxos Fazans born inPontevedra, 1992

He studies Audiovisual Communication at Uvigo, a Master’s Degree in Film Direction at ESCAC and a Master’s Degree in Contemporary Art, Creation and Research at Uvigo.

“A Estación Violenta” is his first feature film. An adaptation of the homonymous novel by Manuel Jabois produced by Matriuska and starring Alberto Rolán, Nerea Barros, Xose Barato and Antonio Durán Morris. She travels to several International Festivals, among which the Seville European Film Festival and the BAFICI of Buenos Aires stand out. In addition, he has received 8 nominations for the Mestre Mateo Awards from the Galician Academy.

In 2019 she premiered the short film Analóxica, produced by Erika Lust and which is scheduled in competitive sections of BAFICI and Curtocircuíto. That same year, she inaugurated the video installation Sed, the result of the Injuve 2019 Artistic Residencies.

He is currently developing his next film Las Líneas Discontinuas, selected at ECAM’s La Incubadora and the Sources2 script laboratory, with the participation of TVG and the support of AGADIC.


Estrada en Playdoh (Tui, Galicia, España)
Seleccionada en Curto Circuito (Santiago de Compostela, España)
Pendiente estreno internacional