Si Bel Homme (Handsome Men)

Director: Park Heung Shik,  Producer: Seh Soo Min, Production company: LingaLing, Country: Korea, Language: Korean, 14×5-10′, 2020, Territories: World 

A Korean comedy drama that focuses on the growing pains of once-popular fashion models. We follow 4 male models who are forced to retire at the age of 27, when they are still in their prime with dead hot bodies, but forced to work in a café  to pay their rent. Their agency boss gives them a day job in his café. Where they serve a range of barista coffees. This proves harder than they expect and when they get a chance of a photoshoot they are dead set to get back to their jet setting life style.

The men are working for the model agency called “Si bel Homme” which translates to “Such handsome man”


Kim Han Su
Heo Jung Hee