Sick (Sjukt)

Writer: Lisa Ambjörn, Director: Johan Rosell, Producers: Lisa Berggren Eyre and Martin Söder, Production: Nexiko Drama, Commissioned by SVT, Country: Sweden, Language: Swedish, 8×20′, 2021, Rights: World (No Sweden)

After surgery, Alice, played by Carla Sehn, famed from Netflix’s Anxious People, Love & Anarchy, learns she’s free of her cervical cancer, but can barely process the good news before she’s dumped by Matt. With no job or a place to live, Alice must leave London with her tail between her legs and move back home to Stockholm. Back in Farsta, with her annoying parents, old bullies that can’t even remember her, and best friend Shantana who now has a girlfriend, Alice realizes she’s got to get her life together. She needs to get a job, a flat and find the meaning of life etc – but most importantly, find out if her now potentially ‘shortened vagina’ actually works or not.

Serial Killer says: “Thanks to the screenwriter’s personal experience with cervical cancer, this low-key comedy-drama about a family having to deal with the possibility of things going wrong with Alice gets to the very core of things.”

About the Creator

Lisa Ambjörn graduated from the renowned  Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts with a degree in screenwriting in 2018 and have since worked on a range of tv series as a script editor, episode writer, head writer and showrunner. She is currently working on season two of the Netflix hit show Young Royals. SJUKT is based on her own experience of surviving cervical cancer at the age of 24. “I’m inspired by Michaela Coel who wrote I may destroy you and Phoebe Waller-Bridge who made Fleabag, they always find comedy.” She says in an interview with Swedish cultural review magazine Opulens.


Selected for Trending: Nordic Comedy Serial Killer 2021
Selected for Series to watch by Drama Quarterly 2021

Carla Sehn as Alice
Maria Nohra as Shanti
Stina Andersson as Sandra
Anna Blomberg as Maria
Dejmis Rustom Bustos as Mehmet
Jonatan Bökman as the little brother
Peter Eriksson as Josef
Lisa Forslund as the girlfriend