Directors: Kieron Moore, Abigail Henry, Christopher Bowles, Writers: Kieron Moore, Christopher Bowles, Tommy Cowell, Abigail Henry, Ellie Costanza, Producers: Kieron Moore, Abigail Henry, Copyright: Kieron Moore, Language: English, UK, 37′, 2019, Rights: World

An award-winning adult-themed comedy-drama featuring “Emmerdale” star Bhasker Patel and a cameo from “Shameless” actress Alice Barry, Spectrum follows a diverse array of lives over one night in Manchester’s gay village.

A drag king and a trans woman explore their new identities. A young man hooks up with a vampire, who wants to suck his blood. An older man adopts a pup, which brings him the attention he craved. And an awkward bisexual has forgotten to come out to both his girlfriend and his ex-boyfriend.

Directors’ Bio:

Spectrum” is an anthology film written and directed by a group of LGBTQ filmmakers. Kieron Moore is a professional theatre script editor and comic book writer and has previously produced short films and web series. Abigail Henry is an independent filmmaker with experience in short films and music videos and works in theatre. Christopher Bowles is an award-winning playwright and performance poet on the Manchester scene.


Gilbert Baker Film Festival – Parsons, Kansas, October 2019

WINNER: Best Short Film


Key Cast:

Albert – Bhasker Patel (Emmerdale, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom)

Echinacea – Alice Barry (Shameless, Benidorm) 

Elliot – Adam Sabatti

Nell – Kirstie Amber Mahon

Genesis – Stuart Crowther

Red – Leah Phillips

Tash – Katy Oliver

Martin – Andrew Grogan

Joe – Brandon McCaffrey

Stefan – Andy Green