Directors: Daniela Scalia, Production Company: Blullow and Keymotions, Country: Italian-Swiss, Language: Italian/English, 2022-2024, 2 Seasons, S01 6×47’,  S02 6×60’, Rights: World

The first ever sports investigative crime series filled with muscular action, adventure, edgy music, psychology and well-placed humour. A true mix of procedural crime drama and visceral, real sports action. SPORT CRIME starts the Sports Investigation Genre Like “E.R.” for a medical drama or  “The Good Wife” for legal drama.

Former anchorwoman Dani Goblin (Daniela Scalia) and rugby player and analyst Luka “Dabs” Kriv (Luca Tramontin) start a Sports Agency; SEAMS. Since the beginning the agency is involved in cases that go far beyond the commonly known surface. Dabs’ unique perception and sensitivity to sleuthing is crucial and often pushes him on the edge. While the other “seamers” start to gel, Dabs has to deal with some quirky, scary or conflictual relationships inside and outside of the Agency. The death of an old teammate triggers a journey in the past.

An unconventional coach and charming partner discover a natural talent to protect athletes while investigating sports-related cases.

Dani is a charming, brainy sports journalist. Her friend Dabs is a humorous, extremely fit former rugby player. They start a Sports Agency and dig into sport-related cases. Each episode highlights a different discipline with its unique challenges. Seams Agency, based in Lugano, aims to protect sport values. The arc through episodes and seasons brings spectators into unexpected and compelling human stories while the main characters face professional, ethical and personal issues.

In the second season Dabs engages a powerful psychological challenge with Justin Keller to free Laura from her father’s blackmail. Dani embraces a new version of herself, more assertive and self confident while her relationship with Dabs becomes naturally deeper. She meets his primary schoolmates and Dabs shares a health issue he carefully took private. Back from her self-imposed exile in the US, Laura establishes with Dabs a relationship completely outside of the conventional schemes. At the same time she helps him to reconstruct the plot of Vinny’s case: several letters sent to Dabs went missing, gathered by a mysterious lawyer. Dabs manages to recover one of
them while he follows the lead of an adoption from Belarus. Things start coming to the boiling point.

A true mix of procedural crime drama and visceral, real sports action.

About the Creators

Blullow is an agile and open-minded firm based in Lugano, Switzerland. Based on an idea by Luca Tramontin and Daniela Scalia, sharing more than 30 years in the sports environments as players, analysts, coaches, reporters, anchors and TV writers.  SPORT CRIME aims to tell the untold. What happens behind a TV commercial, how sportsman perceive “on field” interviews, how do rockstars get fit for pics and stage, why do English sing “Sweet Chariot”, why Brežnev imposed an elaborated and not always gainful style of ice hockey in the Canada/USA/USSR clashes, why some commentators tactically shout without apparent need, which food can have a dope-like effect. It all made classic fiction (therefore suitable for non-sport audiences) but soundly grounded in the side of the sport that no one shows and all wish to know. The range of sports people involved spans from international superstars keen to give something extra about themselves or their discipline, to the admirable but at times murky amateur ambient. While the actors casting is done according to classic fiction logics, the athlete’s choice comes from
the direct, decennial and specific knowledge and connections of the authors.