Starlight B&B

Producers: Ruby Lin , Nick Tai, Production company: FengCai Entertainment  and TVBS, Country: Taiwan Language: Mandarin Chinese with English subtitles,  13 x 95′, 2023, Territories: The world, excluding Asia

In this reality series manager Ruby Lin led a group of renowned celebrities on an adventure to explore Taitung, from the mountains to the sea.

After camping in the first season Light The Wild, the Starlight BnB reality show transforms the new season into a pet-friendly hostel. Manager Ruby LIN invites her celebrity friends to operate a seaside hostel in Taitung for two weeks. They clean, decorate, and cook the hostel to curate a hostel experience like no other. Bringing their guests to explore Taitung from the mountains to the ocean.



Ruby Lin

Cheryl Yang

Puff Kuo

Edward Chen

Eric Chou,

Zhang Kuang-chen Nash