A Taste of the Sea (Sabor’e Mari, a Shcoppio)

Director: Andrea Marras, Producer: Salvatore Cubeddu, Produced by: Terra De Punt, Italy, Language: Sardinian, 2019, 5×15′, Rights: World 

An original fishing and cooking series Taste of the Sea, set in Teulada, in south-west Sardinia. With the celebrated Italian chef and big character Alessio Madeddu. This is rockstar cooking, and we get Alessio’s wisdom on the state of the food industry and his views on other things too. He cooks the amazing Sardinian seafood in a fun and joke filled environment with his sous chef Fabrizio Pisu ready to catch any dirty pan thrown his way.

This is a truly unique Sardinian with scenes from Mediterranean and Alessio’s restaurant kitchen.