The Bank (Pank)

Directors: Rainer Sarnet, Juhan Ulfsak, Marianne Kõrver, Jan-Erik Nõgisto, Producer: Paul Aguraiuja, Production: Itamambuca, 10×56′, 2018, Estonia, Rights: World Excluding Estonia.

The Bank is inspired by real-life events in the turbulent Estonian ’90s, following the collapse of the Soviet Union. We follow the lives of Ülle (Evelin Võigemast) and Toomas played by Sergo Vares (Tenet, McMafia) and their colleagues at Nordbank a successful investment bank, during the financial boom that reverberated in the newly liberated Estonia, inspired by a true story based on the rise of one of the most successful banks in the Baltics.

The characters lives are turned upside down as money starts streaming into a country that had been trapped behind the iron curtain. Everything has to be rebuilt from scratch; politics, business, relationships. People have to re-evaluate their currency rate as well as their personal value system. Toomas works at the local gas station to support his studies and make a living. One day a random conversation with a customer lands him a job at a new and fast-growing bank. Toomas suddenly finds himself catapulted into a new world, at the sharp end of big deals and complex transactions. Ülle is Nordbank’s CFO. She is smart, tough and focused. One of the original founders of the bank she is a rare sight — a woman in a man’s world, she seems to have achieved everything she could ever wish for, yet her life is not as perfect as it may seem.

Success, however, comes at a price. When you are winning, you don’t see what you are losing. Their success makes them a lucrative target for a Swedish banking giant, making inroads to the new market.


Shortlisted for the 2018 International TV Series Competition official selection at the Geneva International Festival.
Serial Killer Film Festival: Special Mention
Estonian Republic 100 TV series competition