The Black King (El Rey Negro)

Director: Paola Gosalvez, Producers: Paola Gosalvez, Rafael Linares Palomar, Production: Pucara Films, Creta Producciones S.L. Language: Spanish, Country: Bolivia, Spain, Brazil, 68′, 2017, Rights: World 

Julio Pinedo is a legitimate descendant monarch of a tribe in Africa. Julio’s ancestors were part of forced migration during the Spanish colonialism in Bolivia brought to work in the silver mines of Potosi. Today Julio Pinedo is the only acknowledged monarch in Latin America, and though he is not the king some could imagine, without a palace and a royal crown or mantle he lives a simple life in the countryside.

He dreams of going on a journey to meet his roots and lineage and meet all the missing links of his personal story.

About the creator

Paola Gosalvez heads the development and production of all Pucara Films projects. Paola is a multi-talented filmmaker, who works in the film industry for over 21 years, having worked with recognized filmmakers, such as Steven Soderbergh, Pablo Trapero, Elia Suleiman and Benicio del Toro, just to name a few.

She launched Pucara Films in 2003 to produce original and unique Bolivian content.

Her films and projects have attracted international co-producers and have travelled to many international Film Festivals, in addition to being sold worldwide.

Paola is EAVE Producer’s Workshop, ApostLab and Produire Au Sud alumni, and is a member of the Bolivian Producers Association board.

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