The Cleaning Lady (La Chica que Limpia)

Director: Lucas Combina, Producer: Germina Films, Cine AR, Argentina, 13×26’, 2017, Rights: Selected territories

Complex, an intriguing Argentinian crime thriller about single mother Rosa, who is forced to become a ‘cleaning lady’ for the local mob after overhearing a mafia-related killing in a boxing club Late at night, as she cleans a boxing club, Rosa overhears a mafia-related killing in the locker room and is forced by the murderer to clear up the crime scene, but her spotless work gets her noticed. Her skills to clean any crime scene keeps the mob safe until the detectives decide to investigate the chemicals.

The adventures of Rosa The Cleaning Lady were written by Lucas Combina – who also directs, Greta Molas and Irene Gissara.

Antonella Costa (Garage OlimpoMotorcycle Diaries) is Rosa whose son Felipe a 7-year-old boy condemned by a dangerous illness to live -literally- in a bubble, a circumstance that explains the indefatigable dedication with which he works and the almost obsessive way she scrubs, polishes and reviews as if her expertise depended on the elimination of viruses and bacteria, those invisible beings that threaten the existence of what she loves most.

FOX recently made an American remake of the series The Cleaning Lady.


Martin Fierro Federal de Oro and Martin Fierro for the best series of Federal Fiction 2018.

Special mention of Directors of Audiovisual Works for Television (DOAT).

Pre-selected to the International Emmy Awards.

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