The Dinosaur Egg ( El huevo del Dinosaurio)

Director: Josefina Recio, Producer: Gastón Klingenfeld, Prodcution: Wanka Cine, Gancho, INCAA, Language: Spanish, Country: Argentina, 68′, 2019, Rights: World 

The Dinosaur egg is an unbiased and poetic exploration of the group Los Chopen, who are part group of young visual artists with learning difficulties like Downs syndrome they participate in a workshop run by the mother and aunt of director Josefina Recio. The film asks what do we do with what the world expects of us?

“The group leaves room for laughter and tenderness.”

La Nacion

“A documentary that crosses the limits of
format and reveals a small world of art and colour…..It should be mentioned that the workshop is still coordinated by the founder herself –she can be seen in full activity in several scenes- and that she is the mother of the director, which makes this short film a heartfelt testimony of something central to her family and that feeling permeates the images.”



Fecilbba 2019

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