The Drop (La Entrega)

Director: Gory Patiño, Scriptwriters: Gory Patiño, Camila Urioste, Fernando Arze, Fernanda Rossi, Producers: Samuel Doria Medina
Leonel Fransezze, Claudia Gaensel, World Sales: Dori Media, Country: Bolivia,  Language: Spanish, 10×50’, 2019, Rights: Upon request 

A crime drama set in La Paz- and El Alto in Bolivia. The characters in the series show courage, violence, sacrifice, guilt and redemption. A series about the huge number of missing people disappearing daily in Bolivia, the plot gravitates around three characters whose lives collide and are dragged into the underworld of human trafficking and forced prostitution.

Raquel (Patricia Prada) is a runaway single mother whose teenage daughter goes missing, Pato Velasco (Bernardo Peña) a television reporter obsessed with human trafficking cases, and Jorge an alcoholic former football star with a sick son. They are all desperate for money. 

Jorge kidnaps and sells Raquel’s daughter to a human trafficking network. After his son dies, Jorge will do anything to get the girl back, pulling all of them together into a world of power games, sex cravings and violence in search of redemption.


Pablo Echarri
Fernando Arze Echalar (The River /El Rio)
Bernardo Peña
Patricia Prada