Director: Pierre Morath, Alva Film Production, 2021, RTS, Point Prod, Country: Switzerland, Language: French, 5 x 45′, 2021, Rights: USA

Pierre, a sports coach, is committed to proving that anyone can run the mythical New York marathon after only six months of training. He has chosen five candidates who have a very, very long way before they’re fully fit. Everyone has their reasons for wanting to take on such a challenge, but all are united by just one motto: giving up is not an option.

Eric is a metalhead hedonist. Sandra, is a Star Wars geek. Sacha wants to beat his disease and surpass himself like never before. Mélanie has survived dark times and is looking for a new lease on life. Just like Tania, an artist in search of recognition. The team of five is taking up the challenge just as the threat of COVID-19 is about to plunge the world into chaos. Will they eventually be able to reach the Big Apple’s top of the heap? A documentary series that’s all about firing up so everyone can give it their all!