The Flight of Anouk (Le Vol d’Anouk)

Director: Michele Peyretti, Script writer: Michele Peyretti, Producer: Luigi Cinalli, Copyright holder: Monte Bianco Droni, With support from: Film Commission Vallee D’Aoste & Fondation Grand Paradis, Italy, Language: French, 2019, 12×30′, Rights: World

A topical environmentalist docu-drama The flight of Anouk (Le Vol d’Anouk) that can be enjoyed as a documentary thanks to its intriguing subject and its cutting edge drone filming technique.

Narrated in French by the young hawk Anouk, his amazing story gives us another perspective of the beautiful Aosta Valley.
Throughout the 12 episodes, the audience flies with Anouk, from the dizzying heights of the Aosta Valley to the discovery of its wonderful Nature: woods, wild animals, waters and peaks, bright blooms and white ice. Then, after having fallen wounded, Anouk is picked up by a young student of the Valley and experience another nature: the human one.

Anouk’s gaze is pure and deep and full of astonishment faced with the human expression of culture art, music, and poetry which are so rich in this area. However, it will turn into dismay after having understood men’s ability to destroy their own land.
The flight of Anouk is, hence a journey discovering the nature and culture of the Aosta Valley, where the traveller is a hawk encountering human expressions and contradictions.