The Gangland in Motherland

Director: Gabbar Sangrur,  Producer: KV Dhillon, Production company: GEET MP3 , Country: India, Language: Punjabi, 5×30′, 2018, Territories: World 

Set in the land of five rivers, the series  follows gang culture in Punjab, in what is gradually becoming a hub for gangs and growing violence in the area. Besides reflecting on the violence that is tormenting Punjab, the series presents the reality of the world that drives the youth from the northwestern Punjab state of India.

“The Gangland in Motherland …. take viewers on a rollercoaster ride. The series is set to raise the bar for the digital field in Punjab.”


The series comprises an ensemble cast of characters, featuring record producer Nishawn Bhullar and Indo-Australian Punjabi actress Japji Khaira (2006 ‘Miss World Punjaban’).

Famous Indian musical artists such as Vadda Grewal, Mehtab Virk and Guri make up the cast.


Mehtab Virk (Lalli) Victor John (Subedar) Param Baidwaan (Babbar) Nishawn Bhullar (Sultan) Navdeep Kaler (Bhinder) Vadda Grewal (Jaggi) Yaad Grewal (Joji) Abhimanue Kamboj Japji Khaira (Eknoor Sidhu) Kavi Singh (Kavi Raj)