The Happiness Effect (Ефектот на среќа)

Directed and Written by: Borjan Zafirovski, Production company: New Macedonian Video Co-producers:  Living Pictures, Montenegro Max Films, New Moment – New Ideas Skopje. North Macedonia, 90′, 2019 series 3×30-35′, 2022, Rights: World excluding North Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania.

Man has landed on the moon but hasn’t learned how to be happy.

Lea, 21, is being diagnosed with leukaemia. Having only three months left to live she embarks on a quest to find what makes us happy. She starts seeing beauty where she’s never seen before. She doesn’t want to die, and after hearing about The Sorrows of Young Werther and the sorrowful effect the book had in a lecture, Lea decides to research what happiness is and she hopes she can make a change to her own life by creating a happiness effect and she endeavours to lengthen her life past the 3 months the doctors have given her. By subjecting herself to different kinds of stimuli, tactile, visual, and chemical.

She makes a video diary for her estranged brother where she asks him and her best friend to create an online viral movement to create a happiness effect to take place on the 20th of December which according to her research is the happiest day of the year, it is also the day when the hospital has decided to remove her life support, so the brother and her best friend are racing against time to save her by following her recorded video instructions as she lies in a coma.

Sasko Kocev, Ana Stojanovska, Dejana Popovska, Sara Anastasovska, Petre Arsovski, Jovica Mihajlovski and Mimi Tanevska.


 Best Film at the 11th edition of Balkan Film Food Festival 2021

‘Best Feature Film’ South European Filmfestival SEE 2021