The Hardest Hour (Довга Доба)

Director: Alan Badoev, Producers: Alan Badoev and Maksym Kryvytskyi, Production Company: 1+1 Ukraine, Country: Ukraine, Language: Ukrainian, 2023, 120’, Rights: World

The movie depicts the unfolding events in Ukraine and the profound shifts in the lives and personal archives of Ukrainians following the full-scale invasion by Russian forces on February 24, 2022. These narratives encapsulate firsthand experiences, emotions, and sentiments. Each tale within this cinematic piece unfolds through footage captured by our protagonists on their devices. This endeavor transcends the conventional war narrative; it delves into the essence of humanity, capturing the final actions and voices of its subjects.

A comprehensive portrayal of wartime experiences across Ukraine. Drawing from 200 minutes of raw footage documenting survival, resilience, and everyday life amidst conflict, this film is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Every moment immortalized on screen originates from the lenses of Ukrainian smartphones. Some individuals survived, while others perished. This testament bears witness to the tragic realities and atrocities perpetrated by Russia, as seen through the eyes of Ukrainians—a testimony that demands global attention and empathy. It stands as an irrefutable record of history, ensuring that their truth can not be rewritten.

Director Biography – Alan Badoev

Alan Badoev first gained international recognition in 2006 with his awarded full-length film debut, Orange Love, which was presented at the Cannes Film Festival. He also shot over 600 music videos for famous Eastern European singers. Experienced in directing and producing big projects with a highly visual approach. Alan’s work is filled with cinematic storytelling, art direction, choreography, and a feeling of innovation. Alan is one of the most high-demand directors in Ukraine.