The Horse Whisperer of Bodmin Moor

Directed by: Gareth Molan, Producer: Helen Nash, Production: Mister Shark Ltd. 21′, 2017, UK, Rights: World.

This is the remarkable story of Dan Wilson ‘The Horse Whisperer of Bodmin Moor’. Based out of his farm in Cornwall, England, Dan is a natural horse trainer, commonly referred to as ‘Horse Whisperer’. Dan was brought up with horses using traditional horsemanship which is commonly practised, but a life-changing demonstration with the legendary Monty Roberts made him re-think his training methods. He is now an advocate of Natural Horsemanship also known as horse whispering, however, there is nothing mystical about it. Natural Horsemanship is a way of reading and understanding horse behaviour, using body language to communicate effectively with your horse. It’s about building a partnership that is equal between horse and human.
Using his remarkable techniques, Dan breaks in and trains horses of all temperaments, where other trainers have tried and failed.

Dan was influenced by western riding culture from an early age and grew up with John Wayne’s Westerns, he looks like he stepped straight out of the wild west, but is from a remote part of Cornwall.
The ‘Cornish cowboy’ combines his talent and remarkable techniques, which he picked up when working with the original horse whisperer.

The film has been broadcast on Horse and Country TV.