The Kid’s Dream (El sueño del pibe)

Directors/Writers: Fernando Milsztajn, Mariano Swi, Production Company: Palta Films and UN3, With funds from INCA, Language: Spanish, Argentina, 10×10′ (130′ total), 2020, Rights: EMEA, Asian, non-exclusively NA and SA

Inés, a scientist portrayed by Paula Grinszpan (The Heist of the Century) has invented the pioneering dream machine, she projects live dreams in an underground club on willing volunteers, only for a few invited people. However, the audience remains unimpressed with the humdrum everyday dreams on display. Everything changes when she plugs in The kid (Ignacio Saralegui) from the title, a lazy teenager who has the most wonderful dreams and elevates the invention to a new level. Marcos, played by Federico Liss (El Presidente) is an opportunistic​ entrepreneur who is dreaming up his next money-making venture which could be a microbrewery crossed with a barber. When he sees The kid’s dream he sees an opportunity, and so does everyone around The kid, trying to fulfil their own dreams through his.

Cast include  Ana Pauls (100 Days to Fall in Love ), Federico Liss , Paula Grinszpan, Ignacio Saralegui, Juan Carlos Lo Sasso, Edgardo Castro, Magui Bravi and Santiago Korovsky.



  • Finalist DieSeriale 2021
  • Official Selection Seriesmanía 2020
  • Ganador INCAA Federal fiction web series competition
  • Selected by FLOW TVfor premiere in Argentina