THE LAST SOCIALIST ARTEFACT (Podrucje bez signala)

Director: Dalibor Matanić, Creator: Ankica Jurić Tilić, Dalibor Matanić, based on the novel “No-Signal Area” by Robert Perišić, Production: Kinorama, Country: Croatia, Language: Croatian, 6×52’, 2021, Rights: World Except for Europe

Two big-city chancers show up in a desolate town deep in the Balkan rust belt, promising to bring the good times back – so where’s the catch?
Oleg and Nikola, two masters of survival from Zagreb, are brought to a remote town in the Balkans when a mysterious client places an order for a specific type of turbine. To deliver the turbine which is no longer manufactured, they renovate the long-abandoned factory in a town sunk into despair. When the town takes on a new life, and the citizens regain their dignity and hope by working in the factory, the buyer disappears. After a series of unsuccessful attempts to find a new buyer, will Nikola and his new friends manage to sell the turbine as “the last socialist artefact” to a famous art gallery?


Rene Bitorajac / OLEG, Krešimir Mikić / NIKOLA, Jovana Stojiljković / ŠEILA, Izudin Bajrović / JANDA, Goran Bogdan / BRANOŠ, Tihana Lazović / LIPŠA