The lords Of The Nymph (I signori della ninfa)

Directors: Vania Corà and Gabriele Zingaro, Production: Vania Corà, Country: Italy, Language: Italian, 3 Seasons 18×26′, 2019- 2022, Rights: World 

A series of  fly-fishing documentary series in 3 seasons shot in different European locations such as Swedish Lapland, virgin waters in the far north, Goiserer Traun in Austria, The Goiserer Traun is an ideal water for fly-fishing. Unspoilt with numerous deep pools, hairpin bends and long stretches of trickle, it stretches from Lake Hallstatt via Bad Goisern at Lake Hallstatt to Linz, where it flows into the Danube, and the most exciting and beautiful fishing oportunities Italy offers.

Nymphing, often known as fly fishing, is unquestionably one of the most popular types of fly fishing out there. Nymphing is the method of fishing using artificial flies that resemble young aquatic insects, larval, or other sub-aquatic life forms such as worms and crustaceans that trout find attractive.


Season 1

1) Biferno River (Molise)

2) Sesia River (Piedmont)

3) Tronto River (Lazio)

4) Cervo River (Piedmont)

5) River Liri (Abruzzo)

6) Piave River (Veneto)

Season 2

1) Montespluga Lake (Lombardy)

2) Aniene River (Lazio)

3) Lys River (Valdaosta)

4) Potenza River (Marche)

5) Dora La Thuile (Valdaosta)

6) Sangro River (Abruzzo)

Season 3

1) Goiserer Traün River (Austria)

2) Avisio River (Trentino)

3) Weissenbach River (Austria)

4) Nera River (Umbria)

5) Volturno River (Molise)

6) Swedish Lapland (Lainio and Tornio Rivers)