The Mechanics of Happiness

Director: Hrach Keshishyan, Writers: Anahit Aghasaryan and Hrach Keshishyan, Production: ArmTV, Producer: Margarita Grigoryan and Arman Mitoyan, Armenia, Language: Armenian, 2021, 16×40′, Rights: World (No Armenia, MENA)

War Changes the Mechanics of Happiness

Lilit is a single mother of three, she is a beautiful woman and a talented interior designer, whoused to live a comfortable life with her ex-husband. But now she is fighting to get her ancestral home back, as she is forced to live in an overcrowded rental appartment with her three little children her ancestral home has been developed into luxury apartments and under dubious circumstances and is denied her legal right to it.

Her boss demands a lot from her and is trying it on with her, Lilith is exhausted by all the demands on her time, and from being a single mother, so she gets herself a lawyer who is not only interested in winning the lawsuit but also interested in winning Lilit’s heart. To help, the lawyer introduces Lilit to the ringleader of a famous criminal group.

Meanwhile, Ruben is a single, straight-laced architect and professor that lives with his amputee-war- veteran brother Vardan, who has been hurt in the past.

They meet through work and Rouben, turns Lilit’s world up and down. Rouben’s selflessness and abundant kind-heartedness make Lilit’s attitude towards men change. Together, the two band together to fight against the injustices around them. 


Nazeni Hovhannisyan

Grigor Aghakhanyan

Nerses Avetisyan

Anna Shamtsyan Balandina

Alberto Danielyan