The Open

Director/Writer: Marc Lahore, Exec. Producer: Cyril Cadar, Associate Producers: Benjamin Fillola and James Northcote, Produced by: Marc Lahore, Cyril Cadar and Alexander Langlais, Village 42 in collaboration with Shelter Prod, Copyright: La Fidèle Production, France, UK, Belgium, Language: French/English, 2015, 103′, Rights: World

In a post-apocalyptic world tennis-pro, Stéphanie (Maia Levasseur-Costil) and her coach André (Pierre Benoist) find themselves in an unforgiving, bleak landscape – camping in tents, washing in streams and hiding from horror just over the hills – they cling to their dream of competing in the French Open. Entrapping guerrilla soldier Ralph played by James Northcote (Nymphomaniac, Catherine the Great, The Imitation Game) they first coerce, then convince him to put down his gun and pick up a (string-less) racquet. As violence engulfs the world, they play tennis with nothing but air.

Three misfits, playing air tennis in the middle of nowhere, strive to dream –even though life is turning into a farce, even though the world is coming to an end.

Shot on location in the stunning Outer Hebrides, the chain of Scottish islands.


“We had a crush. The Open is one of its kind. It challenges classifications.”


“Both a fantasy and a fable, calling to mind Bergman’s Shame,
The Open looks unlike anything you’ve ever seen.”


“An impressive, yet surreal tale about belief, hope and faith
in the darkest and most desperate of circumstances.”


“The Open emerges as an idiosyncratic crossover between a post-apocalyptic tale and a sports drama,
a humanistic parable [disguised as] a minimalist Andre Agassi-like reimagining of The Road.”


“A true feat. Alternately brutal, puzzling or heart-wrenching
The Open eventually transcends its absurd premise.”


“A crazy, challenging post-apocalyptic odyssey. […] The unique,
hallucinatory vision of an Aguirre-like director.”


“A brave, moving, hard-to-classify film,
[based] on a deeply singular and risky premise.”



James Northcote

Maia Levasseur-Costil

Pierre Benoist


Best Direction and Best Script in Fantasporto

Best Director, best actress (Maia Levasseru-Costi ) Best Actor (Pierre Benoist) Sunscreen Film Festival -Florida

Best Picture and Best Movie Phoenix film festival