The Prince of Oysters (El Principe de las Ostras)

Director/Creator: Oscar J. Ocean, Language: Spanish, Spain, 2022, 4×45-50′, Rights: World 

Enjoy and eat like a royal, a gastronomic journey with the Prince of Oysters. Visiting locations from Barcelona, Galicia and Ibiza in Spain to Occitania and Normandy in France. With presenter Oscar J. Ocean.

The Prince of Oysters is a delicious haute cuisine and travel documentary series about one of the most exquisite crustaceans, “oysters” and the culinary wonders they prepare with them.

Discover how they are grown and the varieties that exist, distinguish them by their colour, shape, aroma and flavour and learn about their history from ancient Rome to their evolution today in haute cuisine with gourmet creations that will surprise any palate.

Join the Prince of Oysters on an unparalleled gastronomic adventure touring various countries looking for the different varieties of oysters that exist and visiting the nurseries where they are grown.

“A journey of sensations that will awaken all your senses”

Between Oyster Bars, Michelin-starred restaurants, street markets and Oyster Farms, the Prince of Oysters meet renowned Michelin star chefs and personalities from the gastronomic world who will make you discover a new world of flavours by preparing spectacular gourmet creations of the most innovative and curious.

Parallel to the types of oysters, there is also an in-depth look at the dressings and the new concept of preparation for each
increasingly fashionable called “creations” which are gourmet oysters aimed at haute cuisine prepared by chefs specialized. Within the “creations” we can find oysters with smoked miso soup, oysters with cava with water sorbet of sea and mandarin pearls, ceviche of others with octopus, oysters with beer with Iberian pork rind, oysters wild white wine with mango caviaroli pearls and citrus foam, oyster gin and tonic with raspberries and so on a wide variety of new flavours that will drive the viewer crazy, almost like a pizza menu.

During this delicious trip, The Prince of Oysters also visits wineries and cellars and studies the drinks that best accompany the different varieties of oysters, such as types of champagne, cava, beers, wines and even liquors. All this without forgetting the history of the pearls that can be found inside some oysters or in all. Whether you find a lost oyster farm on the southern Japanese coast or an innovative master pastry chef.

Locations: Spain; Barcelona, Galicia, Ibiza, France; Agon Coutainville, Utah Beach, Blainville sur mer, Sète, Etang de Thau, Mèze.


Javier Olleros | 2 Michelin stars
Álvaro Sanz | 1 Michelin star
Jordi Artal | 2 Michelin stars
Yayo Daporta | 1 Michelin star
Ketty Fresneda | Master Chef finalist
Bruno Colomer | Bacchus Awards 2021 Best Sparkling Winemaker
Patrik Anton | Oyster Opener Championship Finalist
Julien Lafosse | Best Oyster of the world, Gold Medal Paris
La Belle Huitre | Gold Star Oyster Winner by Great taste
Christian Escribà | Fava d’Or de Cacau | Best Pastry chef in Spain