The River (EL RÍO)

Director: Juan Pablo Richter, Producer: Paola Gosalvez, Production: Pucara Films, Language: Spanish, Country: Bolivia, Ecuador, 93′, 2018, Rights: World (EXCEPT LATAM)

Sebastian, an introverted city teenager, arrives at his father’s ranch. While trying to figure out his place as the son of the boss, he finds himself in a world packed with naturalized violence, lies and power games in which women are pawns and victims.

Sebastian comes to a small tropical-jungle town on the banks of a huge river where his father Rafael lives with his young mistress, Julieta. Sebastian, a city kid, must adapt to a new competitive macho environment of dominance, money and raw sex. Slowly the river’s secrets and force appear before his eyes; the so-called paradise teems with violence, lies and power games in which women are pawns and victims.
Reluctantly, Sebastian enters those rhythms. Chaos results from his obsession with Julieta; Sebastian feels trapped. A showdown with his father could be the solution, but he must first deal with his own identity in defiance of blood ties.

“Flowing with intrigue, beauty and brutality, Bolivian writer-director Juan Pablo Richter’s feature debut transports us to a seemingly placid rural locale where a teenage boy gets pulled into dangerous waters…Richter proves himself a keen observer of toxic masculine codes and the bracing velocity with which innocence can suddenly be washed away.”

Miami Filmfestival

About the creator

Juan Pablo Richter is a Bolivian director, screenwriter and producer. He has directed the short films “¿De que color es el cielo?” and “El ultimo paso”. The River is his feature directorial debut.


Santiago ROZZO, Valentina VILLALPANDO, Fernando ARZE, Julia HERNANDEZ


Ventana Sur 2017
Miami IFF 2018
moov 2018

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