The Shaman’s Touch

Director and Writer: Serena Porta, Production: Draka Distribution in collaboration with Coccinelle Film Sales, Language: Arabic, Swahili, Italian, Country: Italy, 2021, 4 x 23′, Rights: World

An anthropological and visual journey discovering Africa, its religious believes and thaumaturgical rituals, through the figure of the shaman.
The docuseries takes us on a journey on the trail of mystical individuals and magical rituals in search of answers in the ancient continent. You will meet healers, fortune tellers and mystics Imams.

The research of the “Shaman’s Touch” culminates in witnessing something bordering on the supernatural.

Corrado Azzollini, a producer, in love with the African continent and its secrets, knows that to fully understand Africa he must learn to know its spirits, but the only way to access another world is through A Shaman’s Touch.
Accompanied by a mini-troupe he embarks on a journey on the trail of mystical individuals and magical rituals relying on his curiosity and old and trusted friends. The journey among the spirits begins in two African nations much different from each other but equally fascinating: Morocco and Kenya.

The origin of shamanism is lost in the mists of time, in the primitive world, the Shamans guaranteed the survival of societies.  Today they remain not only important healing figures but a bridge between spiritual and earthly energies. The Shaman represents the channel of the divine will and the forces of nature made available to humanity through love and understanding.