The Shaman’s Touch (Il Tocco Dello Sciamano)

Director: Serena Porta, Producer/Writer: Corrado Azzollini Production: Draka Production, Distribution in collaboration with Coccinelle Film Sales, Language: Arabic, Swahili, Italian, Country: Italy, Marocco, Kenya, 2021, film 90′ / series 4×32′-40, Rights: World

An anthropological and visual journey discovering Africa through Keny and Marocco, its religious believes and wonderworking (thaumaturgical) rituals, through the figure of the shaman.
The docuseries takes us on a journey on the trail of mystical individuals and magical rituals in search of answers in the ancient continent. You will meet healers, fortune tellers and mystics Imams.

Corrado Azzollini, producer and showrunner is in love with the African continent and its secrets, knows that to fully understand Africa he must learn to know its spirits, but the only way to access another world is through “A Shaman’s Touch”. So he decides to embark on a journey on the trail of mystical individuals and magical rituals in search of answers in the ancient continent. With a mini-crew, he leaves from Puglia for Morocco, for the first stage.

Following an expert guide on the topic, he will seek answers by meeting healers, fortune tellers and mystical Imams. Together they will cross the country from Marrakech to the slopes of the mythical Mount Atlas and then they will pass the desert, up to the coast, to Essaouria: the city of fortune tellers.

The research of the “Shaman’s Touch” culminates in witnessing something bordering on the supernatural.

The origin of shamanism is lost in the mists of time, in the primitive world, the Shamans guaranteed the survival of societies.  Today they remain not only important healing figures but a bridge between spiritual and earthly energies. The Shaman represents the channel of the divine will and the forces of nature made available to humanity through love and understanding.

Directors Bio

Serena Porta,  a young director, graduated in Fashion Communication in Edinburgh. She has directed several fashion films including “What would you do for a new pair of shoes?” “For Harvey Nichols Edinburgh (2012),” Motion “(2013) and” You’re the reason I’m trv’lin’on “for Johnston Of Elgin (2014). In 2015 she directed “Seaduction” (Best Creative Concept – Jolla Fashion Film Festival of San Diego, category Silver Remi Winner Shorts Live Action Narrative – 50th edition of the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival with over 30 selections in national and international festivals). In 2016 she directed the documentary “ReAttivi” for Generazione Bollenti Spiriti – Puglia Region and “Masciarae”, short film distributed by RAI Cinema Channel with 10 awards and over 50 selections in more than 10 countries around the world, including the Tirana Film Festival (Albania),
San Antonio International Film Festival (Texas), ICFF Italian Contemporary Film Festival (Toronto, Canada), 24th Women Make Waves Film Festival (Taiwan), International Salón del luz (Bogotà), Barichara Green Film Festival (Colombia) 14th Salento Finibus Terrae, 68th Cinema Valdarno Fedic. In 2018 she directed “Il Monachello” with Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Antonio Stornaiolo and Totò Onnis selected in various film festivals. Her latest work is the travelling documentary and the TV series “The Shaman’s Touch”, an anthropological journey to discover Africa and its shamanic tradition.

About Draka Production it is an Italian independent movie production company.
The editorial policy is focused on films d’essai, cultural movies and stories based on books, also fantasy. Among the most important features produced by Draka, we can mention the international co-production “Tulipani – love, honour and a bicycle”, by the Oscar winner director Mike Van Diem, starring Ksenia Solo, Gijs Naber, Anneke Sluiters, Donatella Finocchiaro, Lidia Vitale, Michele Venitucci, with the extraordinary partecipation of Giorgio Pasotti and with Giancarlo Giannini. The movie, financed also by Eurimages (European Cinema Support Fund) and Apulia Film Commission, has been screened in several International Festivals such as Toronto International Film Festival 2017 (International Premiere, World Contemporary Cinema), Nederland Film Festival, International Film Festival du Rio, Chicago International Film Festival. It is in production a new international co-production (Italy/Morocco) “Shapes of Africa” based on the very popular Italian book “Questa notte parlami dell’Africa” by Alessandra Soresina; after the African part, already shot, the Italian scenes are going to be filmed in Puglia.