The Struggle for Existence (Kampen for tilværelsen)

Directors/Writers: Jannik Dahl and Rasmus Skaarup, Production company: Copenhagen Webseries, Country: Denmark, Language: Danish, web series 8×4′(28′ in total), 2023, Territories: World

The days of beer, babes and soccer are over. In this Danish series we follow the comedic journey of two friends as they navigate the ever-changing landscape of modern masculinity. Through a series of humorous conversations set in everyday situations, the protagonists grapple with the challenges of being sensitive husbands, dedicated fathers and sexy lovers in a world where gender roles are constantly shifting. Crafted and brought to life by the storytellers themselves, the low-budget, bite-sized episodes provide entertaining snapshots of the characters as they maneuver through airfryer-cooking, package pickups, and the complexities of decoding new societal expectations.

Join the laughter-filled journey through the not-so-serious struggles of being a man today.

“A series of vignettes shot in single takes, which explores the troubles and hardships of thirty-something men at a time when masculinity is subject to contradictory imperatives.”

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Jannik Dahl as himself
Rasmus Skaarup as himself