​The Tune of the Wind (La Tonada del Vento)

Director: Yvette Paz Soldán, Producer: Paola Gosalvez, Production: Pucara Films, Language: Spanish, Country: Bolivia & Brazil, 80′, 2019, Rights: World (EXCEPT LATAM) 

An 8-year-old Bolivian boy gets lost on the streets of La Paz, hundreds of kilometres from home. He survives many challenges before he sets out on an emotive journey to find his lost father.

Panchito, a farmer boy, gets lost in his first trip to the city, chasing a ball in the huge market of El Alto, Bolivia, the biggest Latin-American fair. Justino, his father tries desperately to find his son in different places from the city without success. The incompetence and disorder of the police, an identity document confusion, and despite Panchito’s and his father’s efforts, the boy ends up in an orphanage.

At school, while the anniversary of over a hundred years of Bolivia’s loss of the sea in a war with Chile, Panchito meets Pedro, a Chilean boy who lost his parents in Antofagasta, Chile. Panchito wants nothing more to return to his home in his rural village to be alongside his father. Pedro dreams of returning to the sea, which he sees as the door to heaven, where he believes his parents have been since their passing.

These two children’s dreams’ create a bond that takes them on a trip from the boisterous city of La Paz, through the arid High Plateau, a vast solitary landscape with hundreds of uninhabited kilometres, a desert surrounded by the barren mountains painted by the yellow straw with its sandy crude wind tune to the vigorous wind of the waves in the ocean, covered by the blue skies.
Despite the fact that their nations are historical enemies, their connection can be seen and felt and heard as they journey towards their destinations. But destiny is not always what we plan and along their journey, an adventure begins.

About the creator

Yvette Paz Soldán initially studied audiovisual production in Bolivia, and later trained in the US studying Audiovisual Technology and Introduction to Broadcasting. She also studied at the University of Bergen, in Norway, and at the EICTV in Cuba and obtained a master’s degree in and obtained a master’s degree in Screenwriting. She has worked as a photographer, she has worked in more than 15 feature films, as Gaffer, still photographer or as a DOP. She has worked with renowned international media companies such as the Discovery Channel, the Travel Channel, ABC and the BBC among others. La Tonada del Viento is her feature debut.


Ventana Sur 2018

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