The Wheel of Life (A Roda da Vida)

Directors: William Alves, Zefel Coff, Executive Writer: William Alves, Zefel Coff, Production: Karibu Cinema, 90, Brazil, 2019, Rights: World

“A feature that unites Brazilian social history and culture with Buddhist elements.”

Luis  Indriunas

The film is built around two parallel narratives, Osmar a wealthy businessman played by Marcelo Pelucio (A Cisterna, Forbidden City) his wife Patricia played by Camila Guerra (I Feel So Much). Osmar suffers terrible nightmares and goes into depression without really knowing why. His company has grown and profited a lot, but it harms people and destroys nature with the construction of luxury buildings and apartments in areas of ecological importance.

His story is intertwined with that of another Osmar (also played by Marcelo Pelucio) a homeless man who struggles for survival as a garbage collector. During a circus performance, he meets some artists who teach him how to make sculptures out of clay. The wealthy Osmar buys the land from which the artisans gather the clay for work and forbids access. Between these two realities, the class struggle manifests itself.

It is a story of detachment. We are usually very attached to everything, including things that are apparently negative, bad, that are not good for us. We are usually not aware of this and we go along in life acting like a blind man walking on the edge of a cliff.

Brazilian Buddhist lama Padma Samten was consulted both during the writing of the script and in the analysis and approval of the finished film.

The film’s title is referring to the Buddhist symbol the Wheel of Life, and many other Buddhist teachings are present in the film and the director wanted to create a dialogue with the diagram of the Wheel of Life in the film.



– 14th National Sertões Film and Video Meeting

– Santos Film Fest 2019

– 51st Brasília Festival of Brazilian Cinema. Parallel Exhibition “The Art of Life”.

– CINEMA LAB 2020 Semifinalist.

–People of Color: The International Cultural Exchange 2020

-Ficca Caeté International Film Festival 2020