There (TUR)

Directors: Uldis Cipsts, Production: Direct Contact Media, 10×24′, 2019, Latvia, Commissioned by: Latvian Public TV and LMT Home Rights: World excluding Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Intellect is artificial love is real

TUR poses the question of what if artificial intelligence can be made up of a person you have loved and know intimately. TUR is a romantic sci-fi drama on relationships in a virtual and physical world – blending boundaries of both worlds. A story about love without borders based on modern technologies. The world of the genius young and beautiful software developer Gundega (Ilva Centere) has a breakdown when she loses her loved boyfriend Raymondo (Regnars Vaivars) in an accident. Her boss from hell is threatening to fire her, her relatives think she is going mad. In despair she creates the first AI with consciousness who takes on the personality of her dead boyfriend, The AI Raymondo continues his relationship with Gundega. This creates a number of complications, and Gundega has a number of significant questions to answer. Gundega has to choose – immerse herself in the virtual reality and indulge in love with a computer program, hiding a discovery worth millions from the efforts of others to get her hands on it, or, ignoring her feelings, bring a miracle to the world, including the ability for the boss’s daughter, who has a disability, to walk. While Gundega hesitates, the choice falls into the hands of her colleague Erik (Artūrs Skrastiņš) – to delete Raimond’s personality from the program or to support Gundega’s love by sacrificing his own feelings for Gundega.



Ilva Centere
Regnars Vaivars
Artūrs Skrastiņš