Director: Juan M. Urbina and Silvia Guzman, Producer/Copyright: Venturia Animation Studios, Language: Spanish, Colombia, Format: HD, Genre: Adventure, 2021, 5×5’, Rights: World excluding Colombia and North America

From the creators of Don Quixote in Space comes “Thermalia” a fantasy world inspired by the biodiversity of Colombia.
Thermalia is under terrible threat. It is the work of Kaamú the brave jungle warrior, Tapiri his coward and faithful friend, to find a golden artefact and return it to the lagoon from which it emerged in order to restore the balance of all its inhabitants.

A  beautiful children’s animation series that takes place in a land in which harmony reigns between its various territories and peoples,
animals, plants and humanoids. One day a golden figure appears, which irrationally awakens the terrible greed disease in adults.  A group of children are called to regain order who because of their young age, do not suffer the effects of greed.

The series teaches kids in a fun and adventurous way about the importance of nature and our duty to care for it.

Venturia Animation Studios CCO Juan M. Urbina has worked as a consultant with Walt Disney on ENCANTO.

Further Venturia recently worked on the promotion of the hit Netflix series Maya & The Three.