Through The Darkness

Director: Park Bo ram, Writer: Seo l Yi-na, Production: Studio S, World Sales in collaboration with: SBS Content Hub, Korea, Language: Korean, 2022, 12×70′, Rights: Italy, UK, France, Germany and Spain

The year is 2000. The first Criminal Behavior Analysis Unit has just been formed in Seoul Metropolitan police. When a criminal named “Red Hat” starts to bring terror to the street of Seoul. The profiler’s work is to walk into the minds of evil.

Song Ha-young (Kim Nam-gil) is a Criminal Profiler at Seoul Met Police. In his mid-30s most people who see Ha-young feel that he has ice in his veins. Really, he looks into people’s minds, making him possibly the most emotional of all. Because he has a deeper understanding of the human psyche than most others, hiding his emotions rather than letting them out due to childhood trauma, when he saw a murdered body.  It is because of his trauma that he shows antipathy in his relationship with people who will inevitably pass away someday. Also, it is because of that trauma that while he has no qualms looking into the psyches of others, he is apathetic to his own emotions. He does not realize that this self-perceived trivial incident would bring on an incredible storm in his life.

Yoon Tae-goo(Kim So-jin) is a Seoul Met police chief. She experiences a lot of sexism bot from police and criminals. However, when people get to know her they soon realise that her abilities far exceed that of her testosterone-driven counterparts. She is legendary in the violent crimes unit not because she’s a woman, but because she has an innate, sixth sense when it comes to crime. It was far more difficult for her to overcome the various prejudices of being a woman than to face criminals. While living in Korean conservative society, she broke through the glass ceiling and rose to the rank of captain. She appears sarcastic and combative, but she is actually sharp-witted and patient, making her the pillar that holds the team together. In an office rampant with hotheads, she always stays cool focused on both people and the case. While she often gets into arguments with Ha-young, she quietly respects him.
Gook Young-soo(Jin Seon-kyu) is the Chief of the Criminal Behavior Analysis Unit. In the conservative and hierarchical environment of the police force where people are easily swayed by the rigours of etiquette and decorum, Young-soo is the eagle-eyed forensics chief who is able to show what true authority is. Because of this, he is very popular with his colleagues. From the beginning, Young-soo realized the need to profile criminals, and after careful planning, he forms a crime behaviour analysis team and chooses Ha-young to be part of it. Recalling the saying of the past chief investigator: “The higher the buildings, the longer the shadows,” he predicted that serial killings would soon happen in Korea. Whenever he mentioned this, he was rebuked and told to look at the clues in front of him instead. Perhaps this was a fair response at the time. After all, no one could have expected this ominous prediction to soon become reality. And that the hastily-created crime behaviour analysis team would need to take action in the hour of need.



Kim Nam gil ( Pandora)

Jin Seon kyu ( The Outlaws)

Kim So jin  (The King)