Through the Looking Glass

Directed by: Craig Griffith, Producer: Mike Pringle, Michael Gooden, Mark Stevenson, Production company: The Workshop, 83′ film, 2006,  Rights: World.

A psychological horror. ‘The Artist’ lives alone in a foreboding old manor house in the country. Once prolific he is now a desperate man at odds with his work and unable to paint. When he discovers a mysterious package left on his doorstep ‘The Artist’ finds a strange mirror within and soon becomes wracked by horrific visions.
Beguiled by the mirror his work becomes fuelled by the visions as he paints like never before. However, disturbing things soon begin to happen to him and those who enter the house. Escalating with each vision, every brush stroke tightens the mirror’s grip on ‘The Artist’.

Winner of Best Horror
Santa Barbara Film Festival 2007